Long time SAGA member Larry Basky passed away on Friday, March 19, 2021.

His life as a print maker spanned nearly 60 years, serigraphy being his main media.

Larry was a native Midwesterner having begun his career teaching art while simultaneously coaching football first in Wichita, Kansas and then Alamosa, Colorado. After early retirement from education, he opened Basky Gallery in Creede, Colorado and later in Plymouth, Wisconsin. Basky eventually closed his commercial gallery and continued to work from his home studio in Plymouth, applying new techniques and creating inspired works of art. Serigraphy remained his main focus, though he explored landscapes through painting, etching, and monotypes as well.

Known to many as a “Renaissance Man”, Larry lived life passionately and prolifically. Inspired by the great outdoors, he blessed us with his engaging works of art and tales of his lifetime of adventure. He enjoyed canoeing, fishing, cooking, reading, sports, and music. As a mentor, Larry left a lasting impression on many aspiring artists and athletes.

Artist’s Statement

I have been printing and painting for over fifty years and am still fascinated with the processes and the products. My subject matter varies with the message or personal feelings I am trying to communicate. I usually work in series, through subject matter or technique. I love the landscape and try to incorporate it into most of my works. Entire compositions may be surreal at times, but I feel everyone can communicate with certain aspects of my works. Color is also very important to me, and most of my works are vibrant. Pieces that are monochromatic generally have enough contrast and value change to make the work seem colorful.

At one time in my life, I thought that one of the most important aspects of art was the geographic location where one lived. This, I am sure, was because I do landscapes. After traveling the country for a number of years, I find that it is more what is inside a person rather than what is visually outside. A beautiful composition can be a square foot and could represent subject matter from California to Maine; it’s all in the eyes of its creator.