The William D Cannon Art Gallery in Carlsbad, CA, is scheduled to have an exhibition of artist books starting in February 2022, titled Reimagined: The Artist’s Book. It is open to the public February 26 through May 14, 2022. There also will be a reception February 26 from 5-7pm. The gallery is located at 1775 Dove Lane, Carlsbad, CA 92011.

Three of Dirk’s books have been selected for the show, including his latest “Water Book” installation, The (New) 7 Deadly Sins. The others are Systemic Things, and Spring Swan, which features a poem by Charles Bukowski.

The Biafarin Gallery in Montreal is currently holding an online-only exhibition titled Extinction – 2021, which includes one of Dirk’s letterpress prints. This show is on view through February 10.