Véronique Coutant-Godard

Forest Hills, NY



Véronique Coutant-Godard is a New York artist born in France.

Her artistic education was acquired in France (Ecole des Beaux Arts), in South Africa (Pottery Studio in Johannesburg) and in the United States (Art Students League in New York City). It spans painting, engraving and design.

Some of her art is currently owned by private collectors in the United States, Switzerland and France. It is also in the collections of the New York Public Library, the New York Art Students League and The Print Club of Albany and National Museum of Printmaking.

She is also represented by The Old Print Shop in New York City.

L’Arbre, linocut, 15 x 17″
Sweet Home, linocut, 6.5 x 8.5″
Space, lithograph and gold ink, 8 x 10.75″