Su-Li Hung

New York, NY



Su-Li Hung was born and educated in Taiwan. She is a printmaker, a painter and a writer. Su-Li has been making her woodcut prints for over forty years. She has won numerous awards, including a number of purchase prizes and gold medals. Her work is in 30 museum collections. These include the Fogg Museum, Library of Congress, British Museum, and Cleveland Museum. She is represented by and has exhibited with The Old Print Shop and June Kelly Gallery. In winning a purchase prize at the Delta Print Exhibition, 2010, juror David Kiehl, curator at the Whitney Museum called her print, “Palm Leaf”; “Noteworthy…, It is the cropping of the image and the sensitivity of her cutting that breathes life into this image.” Su-Li Hung has written 31 books that have been published in Taiwan, including books of poetry, essay, short story and has illustrated children books. Her work can be seen at,,,

Sourcing imagery from my native Taiwan, I create images that often have a narrative quality: “Little Girl’s world” (2014) tells the story of my granddaughter’s poetic existence.

Only using the medium of woodcut in printmaking, I innovate by using contemporary techniques and approaches, combining oil based and water based ink. “Sunset On George Washington Bridge” (2014), is black oil-based ink on top of pink water-based ink.

I very much like black&white it has a simple, clear, basic woodcut vision. In “Palm Leaf”(2009), the dynamic cutting lines created the little wind in the waving palm leaf; delicate and powerful.

Woodcut for me is like carving a two dimensional woodcut sculpture.