Sandra Truant

Boston, MA



“Allow it to go where it will”

There is something very meditative about drawing. I find lithography to be an extension of that love of drawing. I have always loved the process from start to finish; the inks, the rollers, the paper, and the press itself.

My art is telling you my stories and my dreams. My work reflects my knowledge and understanding accumulated over the years having taught art and art history. Oftentimes these stories simply begin with an observation; something that has caught my eye. These drawings then trigger childhood memories and past experiences. From there, my drawings take flight and go in any direction, through the addition of drawing, placement, colors, tissues, stitching, and even words.

…a box, b&w lithograph with chine collé and gold leaf, Edition # II/VI, 16″ x 16.5″, 2020
Favorite Dresses, from Barbie Series, b&w lithograph with chine collé and stitching of woolen cap, Edition #5/7, 21″ x 15″, 2021
Blueberry Paper Dolls, 2-color lithograph with chine collé and stitching of dress, Edition # 3/16, 13.5″ x 9″, 2022