Ronald Katz

Brooklyn, NY



Ronald Katz is a painter and printmaker whose work is diverse in subject matter, though often centered on some of his primary interests of art history, natural history, and the ever present visual dialogue of still life, landscape, abstraction and representation.

Regarding technical methods, he invariably selects from a variety of means, most suitable to the particular imagery he is engaged with. Various etchings, for example, might utilize hard ground, soft ground, white ground, spit bite, scraper, sanding, transfer methods, chine- colle, and stencil, etc.

Though currently preoccupied with etching, he has studied and worked with lithography.

Ronald Katz has also worked extensively with Sheila Marbain, using her unique silk-monotype methods.

Pompeii, etching, 18″ x 24″
African Dyptich, etching, 8″ x 24″
Bottles and shell, silk – monotype, 9.5″ x 13″