RM Gallinari

Astoria, NY



To me, viewing and/or making art is a chance to escape the ordinariness of the everyday and see something new or in a different way. My images might be reminiscent of, or a totally new take on, something once seen or imagined by me or the viewer. As I am arranging the elements in an image I consider the different printmaking techniques for the different texture or line it can create. I like to work in smaller sizes because I think it creates an intimacy between the artwork and the viewer.

RM Gallinari began her printmaking studies began at the Art Students League of New York in 2007 and was awarded a Kuniyoshi Award for Printmaking in 2015. In 2020 she was named Artist-in-Residence of the Encore Community Creative Writers e-magazine.

Cocktail hour, 8″ x 6″ lithograph
Transferring, 4″ x 2″ lithograph
Bouncing, 2″ x 4″ etching