Rhea Nowak

Oneonta, NY



I am fascinated by our human mark-making and symbol creating impulses. It took us 2,000 years to create writing and now it takes 2,000 days for a child to learn to read. Learning to read, reading, changes our brains. I think about the time this learning takes, and gives.

I work with an ever-expanding cast of printmaking plates. I think of them both as symbols and also as characters, their meanings shifting as their relationships and contexts change. Each series I work on starts with questions and proceeds as an inquiry.

Rhea Nowak received her BA from Bennington College in Printmaking and Painting, her MFA from the University of Connecticut in Printmaking and Drawing, and a Master Printer Certificate from Il Bisonte, in Florence, Italy. Her prints and artist’s books have been exhibited in juried and invitational shows in the US, Europe, and China.

Shared, from the Geo Logic Time series, Relief and Intaglio, 40″ x 23″, 2020
Hope, from the First Time series, Intaglio on handmade paper, 23.5″ x 48.25″, 2019
Welcome, from the Same River, Different Day series, Woodcut, 37″ x 11″, 2021