Ralph Slatton

Erwin, TN



My influences are considered fantasy Gothic, an often dark view of fable, humor, and lore. What better vehicle to convey these ideas than those found in the world of animals. Their sense of balance and gravity are beautifully choreographed. Their expressions are inscrutably humorous, but always raw, with unbridled presence. As such, my animals elusively disguise some moral truth, human condition, personal dilemma, or conundrum. Those who view my work often respond with opposite reactions. Some experience humorous animals, while others see sinister ones. This often occurs in the art of ancient cultures, where humorous icons carry serious content. For example, the cute plump dogs found in Pre-Columbian art would at first glance appear whimsical. On the darker side, the dogs are supposedly eaten by their masters, during the journey to the underworld. It is my intention to take the viewer down a visual and psychological rabbit hole. A place where animals wear disguises of both the strong and weak, experiencing the freedom of entrapment, and generally revel in the dark side of human foibles.

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