Patricia Van Ardoy

New York, NY



My imagery has been culled from old family photos. As etchings they took on a life of their own and no longer had any connection with the original photographs. They are grandfathers, grandmothers, parents, children, brother and sister-families out of history. They became powerful, symbolic figures depicted in a powerful medium. My sisters are identical twins and their connection fascinates me. I used that connection in a series of old photos of identical twins. Some of the images were portrayed or manipulated to create a mysterious effect.

I was awarded the McDowell Traveling Grant for printmaking in 1987. It was a $10,000 grant to travel and study in Europe for a year. I won the Audubon Artist “Medal of Honor” for Graphics. Then upon returning for the McDowell Traveling Grant, I was awarded a full scholarship and stipend to Pratt Institute for printmaking. There were only 10 such scholarships on campus at the time. Printmaking offers me endless possibilities in terms of imagery and technique.