Moses Ros

Bronx, NY



Moses Ros started printmaking with the Bronx Printmakers and the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop. He went on to print at the Lower East Side Print Shop and Manhattan Graphics Center. He participated with the Bronx print collective Studio 889 and is a member of the print collective Dominican York Proyecto Grafica and the artist collective ArteLatAm. He produced, participated in, and exhibited a series of print portfolios and organized exhibitions with these collectives. Ros is creating printed sculptures using woodcuts and linoleum prints. These prints are free-standing, flat cut-outs and mobiles that represent imaginary mystical creatures of whimsical delight.

He Angel, 2019, linoleum print (printed sculpture) 6″x9″x12″
PYE, 2019, linoleum print (printed sculpture) 8″x9″x12″
She Angel, 2019, linoleum print (printed sculpture) 6″x9″x12″