Miho Hiranouchi

Brooklyn, NY



Two of my great passions in life are colors and organic shapes and curves. Through my colors I seek the beauty of overlapping colors by layers, to the one and only unique organic shapes in the world.

This eventually progressed to my receiving my Bachelor of Arts degree in industrial, interior and craft design from Musashino Art University in Japan. Especially, I learned Japanese traditional forging, metal molding and welding techniques. I find pleasure and the joy of freely expressing curves in those forging process learnings.

With the beauty of all the things that exist in the earth around me, especially flowers’ curves recaptured my passion for painting, watercolor, printmaking and sculpture. It is my goal as artist to encourage organic curves in the world and to express beauty and richness – no two organic curves are the same.

Colors and organic shapes bring me peace and offer me a place to meditate on the beauty in the world and grace I feel while living in it.

Miho Hiranouchi is an abstract impressionistic painter, printmaker and sculptor living in Brooklyn, New York since 2009 . She was born Tokyo, Japan. Since her childhood, She has loved all the things that exist in the Earth. She especially loves flowers. Energetic, electric, and full of feeling, Miho Hiranouchi’s work vibrates with a keen personal vision of nature. In canvases large and small, she maintains a playful spirit that belies the complexity of her sophisticated color harmonies. Impressively, she is able to achieve full formal control along with great expressive beauty and power.

The Beginning of Creation, etching & aquatint, 30″ x 38″
Before Dawn, etching & aquatint, 20″ x 28″
Dinosaurs Dream, etching & aquatint, 24″ x 36″