Melody Knight Leary

Norwich, CT



As an artist and teacher, I’ve always been intrigued by the unique opportunities that the transferred image affords. The smell of the ink, the creative energy involved in working the plate, the feel of the paper, the magic of the press; all play a roll in printmaking’s allure.

I consider myself a visual narrator. My images act as a vehicle to voice the expressions of lived experience, the passing of days, the drama of the unseen, and the witness of the objects that surround me. I enjoy complexity, layering, implied meaning and take pleasure in pairing and grouping images to express those feelings, ideas and emotions for which there are never quite the right words.

After a long and rewarding career in art education, I now focus on my own studio practice. I exhibit regionally, nationally, and internationally and have received recognition for my work in solo, group and juried shows. My prints are held in both private and public collections. Lair Studio, located in the woods of southeastern Connecticut, houses my “treetop” press and provides a home-based sanctuary for creative exploration and artistic expression.

Never quite sane in the night
Conundrum: Woods or Water?