Laurie Szujewska

Penngrove, CA



How do we work with reproducing forms? How do we embrace the imperfection of the moment while thinking we need to pursue the ideal in our mind? How do we look anew at things so familiar to us that they are almost invisible.

Laurie prints on a Vandercook letterpress using a small collection of vintage wood and hot type and various kinds of plates. The Vandercook is an obsolete tool originally used for proofing relief hot type and images. This antiquated technology is not used for its nostalgic characteristics, nor as the reproducing machine it was designed as, but as a mark-making tool. Instead of making multiple prints of an intentionally designed form, the sheet is fed through the press multiple times, each time working and reworking the plate with inks as the print is built up. Relationships arise and surprises occur where there is no destination except to embrace the imperfection of the moment, see what happens, and respond.

Laurie worked in the printing trades in NYC while studying at the Center for Book Arts. She received her MFA in graphic design from the Yale School of Art. Moving west to California she worked as a designer and art director at Adobe Systems where she created award-winning graphics and the typeface Giddyup. Her home and studio, Ensatina Press, is located in Northern California. She often teaches at University of California, Davis.

Her prints and graphic work have been exhibited in various venues in Europe and America and are included in many Artist Book Collections at Universities and Libraries.