James Hubbard

Indianapolis, IN



I enjoy carving furrows into cork and hearing the hissing viscosity of ink as I roll it across the block. The sequential & layered nature of printmaking is the perfect means for building my personal grammar. I relish the surprise of pulling a print from the press & discovering that the image & paper have become one. I appreciate the evolving, organic process of bringing my subject to life.

Subjects include diverse flora & fauna or landscapes from home & travels. My prints are conceived to provide a soul sanctuary where the viewer may contemplate the pulse & poetry of nature~ transformational patterns within land, water, & sky. My art is both idealistic & romantic, traveling a trajectory of my personal experience & perspective.

My permanent home in Indianapolis, Indiana. Summer home is Rustic, Colorado.

Floral Sonata – linocut over monotype
Oceanic Fantasia – linocut / collage
Roiling Cadence – linocut / pochoir