Humberto Saenz

San Antonio, TX



Humberto Saenz is a Mexican-American artist residing in San Antonio, Texas, USA. Humberto’s artwork is exhibited throughout the United States and internationally in solo, juried, and invitational exhibitions. Recent exhibitions include exhibitions at the Janet Turner Print Museum, Catapult Press and Gallery, Coronado Print Studio, 42 nd National Print Exhibition, Artlink Contemporary Art Gallery, The Fierce Urgency of Now: Socially Engaged Printmaking, Janet Turner Print Museum, and Third International Academic Printmaking Alliance Exhibition, Biennial Exhibition Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China. Humberto Saenz’s artwork is held in numerous collections across the U.S.A. and internationally including: The Museum of Texas Tech, Hamaguchi Study Print Collection, Workshop of Casa Hogar el Refugio at Monterrey, Mexico, Dishman Art Museum, La Salle University Art Museum, and the Janet Turner Print Museum. Humberto Saenz has been interviewed by the Houston Chronicle, the Clandestino radio program, and the Dallas Morning News. His work has been featured in Art in Print magazine, In the Middle of America, Printmaking; Print Exhibitions, C.A. Seward and Friends and in the Journal of the Print World.

My art aims to empower the viewer with information about current immigration rhetoric, laws and culture that has affected and segregated Mexican immigrant communities. The immigration struggle within the political consciousness has fragmented the voice of the American culture to one of dissent and superiority. The themes that interest me within this strife are tradition, heritage, politics, and immigration. My imagery depicts issues which affect the community through the appropriation of my cultural heritage, mythological narratives, and contemporary immigrant concerns.

Limpiador de Ventanas, lithograph, serigraph, 19 x 13″, 2018
Pelea de Globos, lithograph, serigraph, 11 x 14″, 2018
Las Cenizas, lithograph, screenprint, 15 X 20″, 2021
La Arca (The Ark), lithograph, 19 X 15″, 2008
Crusando La Linea, lithograph, 15 X 19″, 2007