Helen Cantrell

Old Lyme, CT



I have been making prints for over 25 years, beginning with intaglio at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Norwalk, CT, there assisting master printer James Reed with lithography. I continued to learn printmaking, including two week-long workshops at Crown Point Press, because I love Richard Diebenkorn’s prints so much. I received a Diploma Studio Arts (printmaking) at the Museum School, Boston, in 2004. I also paint, but my prints are more graphic, like drawing, lately more an ongoing series called “Animal Dreams,” which is ambiguous: are these my dreams, or do they belong to the animals?

The Wolf at the Door, lithograph, edition of 5, 29″ x 22″
Signs of an Unknown Land, woodcut, 60″ x 48″
Phoenix Road, monotype, 22″ x 30″