My images are an internal struggle of what we all see or believe we see, what we do and don’t hear. I enjoy questioning and pushing boundaries, creating images that lead to other images and ideas. A never-ending cycle that enables me to create work without the worries of pleasing the viewer but challenging them to view things from multiple perspectives, not just their own.

Accomplishments: MFA with honors University of Iowa, Program Dean of Art and Design Portland Community College.

Collections: University of Iowa, Kurt Kemp, Michael Barnes, Chris Offutt, Sonoma State University, Universidad de Costa Rica, San Jose, Costa Rica

Many Rivers to Cross, 2021, etching, aquatint, softground and drypoint, 12″ x 4″
I have waited with a glacier’s patience, 2021, etching, softground, aquatint and drypoint, 18″ x 24″
La Dama, 2021, linocut, 12″ x 12″