Gali Katz

Westport, CT



Gali Katz is a Westport-based visual artist working across mediums of drawing, printmaking and collage. A graduate of the George Washington University in 2002 with a degree in Fine Arts and Art History, Gali spent her postgraduate years in NYC working in the world of Interior Design. Her Fine Arts practice, largely autobiographical, came back into focus as she raised her three children. Bridging themes she has always been drawn to – childhood invention, domestic life, and her everyday – her art strives to reconcile conflict and reveal joy in the occasionally polarizing roles she plays as mother, child, stay at home parent and modern day human.

States of Being, etching with aquatint, 11.5″ x 9.25″
Carpet Dance, etching with aquatint, 16.5″ x 18″
Budge, etching with aquatint, 12″ x 18″