Evan Summer

Kutztown, PA



Most of my work is composed of landscape, architectural and geometric forms. The images reflect the passage of time and a history that is not explained. Associated with this is the memory of places and events, as well as change. Not only physical changes to the structures and landscapes but changes in how civilization uses these things, their relevance and eventual abandonment. There are no people in these images, but the results of human activity and the questions implied.

I like the challenge of creating something that is simultaneously abandoned, beautiful, mysterious, and uncomfortable. It’s an aesthetic much more complex and interesting than a landscape or building that is just beautiful.

I feel my ideas started developing when I was very young. As an only child growing up near Buffalo, I would often go to Niagara Falls with my parents. This view of a magnificent and dangerous landscape from above, and some forms reminiscent of the hydroelectric plants would later become a continuing theme in my work. In my mind this combined with fears and dreams about being lost in an abandoned building or unfamiliar landscape. There is something of memory and something of the future incorporated together in these images. They involve time but they are timeless.

Collagraph 6, 36″ x 44″, 2021
Flooded Interior, etching and collagraph, 33″ x 24″, 2018
Landscape LVII, etching, 32″ x 42″, 2016