Evan Charney

Shrewsbury, MA



I graduated from the High School of Music and Art where, at the time, art majors were advised to “get a day job”. So, I became a pediatrician. I took print workshops and classes over the years as time permitted, at Haystack, Art New England, and Zea Mays, among others.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated with printmaking, an art form as much craft as art. And unlike painting, the outcome is indirect, the result uncertain until “proved”. But there is nothing as satisfying as pulling the print, the “aha” moment when you lift paper from press and the final result is revealed. For me printmaking is still a daunting challenge: but what a wonder when it comes out right! The techniques I most enjoy are serigraphy, woodcut and wood engraving. My work has been in solo and group shows, and now retired I devote full time to making prints.

As the late sculptor Eduardo Chilleda said, “I am always trying to learn to do what I do not know how to do”.

Storm approach, wood engraving
Ibis, wood engraving
Grandma’s Hat, wood engraving