Elizabeth Daggar

Brooklyn, NY



I create atmospheric images from ink and paint; drawings, paintings, etchings.

The process of mark-making and exploration is a meditation. It provides a way for me to connect with my emotions, memories, and general response to the external in a way nothing else does. In connecting with myself and my own experiences, it opens a door to connect with others.

Art that moves me feels timeless, atmospheric, veiled. I’m drawn to images in which new interpretations seem apparent at subsequent viewings, the way a book takes on new meaning when reread years later.

I live in Brooklyn, where I studied art and design at Pratt Institute. I’m a member of the printmaking groups Manhattan Graphics Center, Print Club of New York, and the Society of American Graphic Artists.

Snow and Cellar Door, (2022) etching and aquatint
A Portrait of my Father, (2021) etching and aquatint
Forged, (2021) etching and aquatint
El Poble Sec, (2019) etching and aquatint
Alfama, (2019) etching and aquatint
The Witch-boy, (2019) etching and aquatint