David Avery

San Francisco, CA



David Avery’s highly detailed black and white etchings on copper seek to connect a 400 year old traditional practice with the concerns of our modern predicament. In the past, prints were often used to address contemporary issues of the day, sometimes cloaking a pointed message in the trappings of classical mythological or religious themes. Avery repurposes these themes yet again to invite viewers to make their own connections between the follies of our present day and those of the past. His work has been included in over 200 competitive and invitational exhibits which have occasioned several awards, and he is included in the collections of the Library of Congress, the Fogg Museum at Harvard University, the New York Public Library, the Achenbach Foundation for the Graphic Arts, and the Stanford University Library among others. In addition, his work has been noted in the New York Times, the Boston Globe, and most recently was reviewed in the Washington Post.

Too Close to the Sun, 6 x 6″ etching
Das Narrenschiff, 14 x 7″ etching
The Last Roundup, 7 x 6 etching