Colleen Pike Blair

New York, NY



Colleen is a mother, artist, and healthcare executive based in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC. She studied printmaking at the Art Students League of New York and has served on SAGA’s Council since 2016.

For the past ten years I’ve been working primarily in stone lithography in which I’m considering three things: light, time, and imperfection. Light, because of seeking a luminous medium. Time, because the basic materials are ancient, and in recognition of the value in allowing ideas to incubate. Imperfection, because of a fascination with the patterns and adaptability of biological life under duress.


New York Public Library Print Collection
Syracuse University Art Collection, Print Collection
Newark Public Library Special Collections Department

*Also in many private collections

East River Gothic, stone lithograph, 8″ x 5″
Florida Highway, stone lithograph, 2″ x 4″
les lianes, stone lithograph, 7″ x 7″