Cathie Crawford

Peoria, IL



My work celebrates the extraordinary moments of my life. I seek to capture the truth and beauty of my subjects. Deeply enamored with the ever-changing hues of water, sky and land, I use color for its emotional impact. I have always been especially attracted to water, seeking it out for its restorative powers. On a symbolic level water represents a powerful life-giving force — a source of replenishment and rejuvenation. Some images deal with a particular feeling or emotion I have toward my immediate environment.

Monsieur Blanc n’est pas blanc is a close up view of my very small water garden. The perfect ecosystem within this one by three foot garden planter mirrored the interconnectedness of the universe. Likeness of Being is of a Florida heron and his reflection in the water. A trip to Thailand and an interest in Buddhism as well as contemporary Theology evolved into Sab pan yu (Thai for the Enlightened One).