Aric Russom

Easthampton, MA



Born in Northampton, MA, Aric Russom studied art at Vassar College and received his MFA from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 2005. He is interested in objects and environment, particularly the play of interior/exterior, which has drawn him to the window motif. Aric currently lives in Easthampton and teaches art in Deerfield, MA.

Using local mill buildings as a vehicle, I investigate the notion of a window as both portal and surface. These works explore light, color, surface and texture, and examine a flatter, more defined space than my previous work. While the focus with these tends to be grounded in formal elements, there remains a subtle narrative of decay and transformation that fuels my curiosity, urging me to look closer.

Four Windows II, 2019, reduction linocut, 18″ x 12″
Keystone, 2020, reduction linocut, 24″ x 18″
Window I, 2020, reduction linocut, 24″ x 18″