Annamarie Trombetta

New York, NY



Born in Brooklyn, New York in 1963, artist Annamarie Trombetta works and lives in Manhattan. Ms. Trombetta began her artistic education while in high school attending the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

Trombetta attended numerous schools such as Parsons School of Design, The New York Academy of Art, The National Academy School of Fine Art, The Art Students League, William Butler Yeats Summer School in Ireland and The Ecole Alber DeFois in Vihers, France. Ms. Trombetta is known for painting “en Plein Air” and has done so in various locations in New York City, Aspen Colorado, and focused on the cultural treasures in Staten Island, New York. She has traveled abroad and captured locations via her art which include Ireland, India, Italy, and Brazil. Her one woman solo exhibitions include Richmondtown Historic Museum, 2001 The Garibali-Meucci Museum 2002, The Dana Discovery Center in Central Park celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Creation of Central Park and Wagner College Art Gallery in 2003. In 2004 she had a solo exhibit at The Staten Island Museum. Ms. Trombetta won the Junefest Exhibition Stipend Award in 2005 and had a solo show at Chase Bank in Staten Island, New York. In 2015 Ms. Trombetta had a scholarship solo exhibit at The Union League Gallery on Park Avenue, New York. Also in 2015 she had a solo exhibit at The Italian American Museum in New York City. Annamarie Trombetta has exhibited extensively in many Museum Group exhibitions such as The Godwin-Ternbach Museum 2001, The Arnot Museum, 2003, The Ormond Museum, 2004, Packwood Museum 2006, The Fort Wayne Museum of Art Biennial: Contemporary Realsim 2008, 2010 and 2012, The Catherine Lorrillard Wolfe Women’s Art Club at The National Arts Club Gallery in 2012 and The National Museum of Sports 2013. In 2017 Ms. Trombetta exhibited at The National Academy Museum in the Creative Mischief Exhibit and The Italian American Museum Group Show featuring Italian Women Artists. In 2016 and in 2018 Ms. Trombetta had a Solo Exhibition at Mana Contemporary Art Center at Jane St. Lifer Fine Art. She was included in the Ancestors Group Exhibition at The Museum of Friends in Colorado. Ms. Trombetta exhibited in 2020 at Alexandria Museum of Art in the 33rd September Competition and was featured for the 2020 Covid-19 Exhibition at the Museum of Friends.

Artist Annamarie Trombetta has been the recipient of several awards, fellowships and grants which include a four-time recipient of The Council of Arts and Humanities of Staten Island Grant for En Plein Air Painting, the Pollack-Krasner Award, The Richmond County Savings Grant, The Gottlieb Foundation Grant, The Artist’ Fellowship, The Stephen Sprouse Award, The Valerie Delacorte Award, The Haven Foundation, Traveling Scholarship to Italy 2014 via the National Academy School, and has garnered other numerous awards and commissions for her art.

Her biography was selected for the 2019 Who’s Who in America and in 2018 received the Marquis’ Lifetime Achievement Award . Ms. Trombetta’s biography is listed in Who’s Who in American Art, Who’s Who in American Women, The World’s Who’s Who of Women, Who’s Who in the 21st Century-1st Edition, and the 2000 Outstanding Artists & Designers of the 20th Century. She has received an Artist’s Profile write up in several publications which include Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine, NYU Washington Square News Artist Profile, The Pastel-A-Gram, The Art Times, The Staten Island Advance Newspapers 2003 and 2015, The Italian Tribune in 2002 and 2015, Outdoor Painter Magazine 2015, The Florentine Magazine in Italy in 2017, and numerous others.

Ms. Trombetta has written articles such as “The Future of Figurative Art” for the Art Times and in 2020 wrote for The Florentine Magazine in Florence, Italy. She has been featured on Staten Island Cable Television in 2002 and on Manhattan Cable Television in 2002-2004, 2011, and 2015. She is a member of The National Organization of Italian American Women, The Pastel Society, and Audubon Artists.

Ms. Trombetta was an instructor for Life Drawing and Painting at the Art Lab in Staten Island from 2002 to 2012. In 2017 Ms. Trombetta taught an “en Plein Air” workshop in Tuscany Italy. She teaches privately and is known for her “en Plein Air” works done on site in Central Park and throughout the City of New York and abroad.

Artist’s Statement

Throughout the years my artistic sense of aesthetics seeks to express the desire for meaning by way of creating iconography as a form of subtlety and sincerity. My art is a vehicle which attempts to evoke an unspoken dialogue between the image and the onlooker. The use of a silent language such as lines, value or color that can be understood by the lens of eyes from any land, thus assures my commitment to the arts.

I surmised that the world within each one’s mind is comprised of his or hers own thoughts and feelings, cultivated and shaped by experiences. The series of etchings that I have created brings to mind places where these experiences may or may not have occurred. They were created to express and emphasize the qualities of light, whether it be the natural illumination of the sun, or modern electrical lighting. By focusing on the interior, I wish to call attention to images applicable to any individual’s home, be it in the past or present. In contrast to the interior, images of the exterior world outside the home, are also a form of acquaintance to any individual. I use simple composition in conjunction with specific and minute details in order to bring about the coherence of the work. The visuals on this page exemplify this description.

In recent years I have done some images of the Chinese Scholar’s Garden located in Staten Island, New York which is indeed a place of profound contemplation and cultural architecture within the world of nature. The unique structures are depicted within a triangle format in which there are six in total. They can be printed as a set of doubles, triple, in a set of four such as a parallelogram shape or using all six creating a hexagon shape. The image of the hexagon is entitled Multi-colored/ Multifarious / Mutli-vison Mandala and can be changed with each printing of the plates through color and composition.

In general, my work is a symbolic representation of my continuing journey, fusing experience and concepts into visual contemplations With every work I strive to bring forth theories, ideas and compositions which may or may not be applicable to thoughts and feelings from the past. The level of dimensions are varied, visually, emotionally and intellectually; subtle and direct – substantial yet visionary – exoteric, yet esoteric images relating to the material world of form and the ethereal world of ideas. My desire is to create a profound iconography which appeals to each culture within our multi-cultural world – the microcosm to the macrocosm. Ultimately, no matter what medium I use, my work is about transforming unnoticed reality into visual poetry that leaves a memorable impression on anyone who is sensitive to it.

Chinese Scholar’s Garden – Hexagon Mandala
Sunrise, Sunset
Koi Pond & Eternal Circle
Chinese Scholar’s Garden, Staten Island NY
Old TV – Patterns of Light & Shadow