Alan Petrulis

Flushing, NY



Alan Petrulis, born in Queens, New York in 1954 studied at Queens College and the Maryland Institute of Art where he earned earn a MFA in printmaking. He has continually worked as an artist, sometimes switching emphasis between etching, painting, and photography. His work has appeared in a number of solo exhibitions, and has been added to the collections of The Brooklyn Museum, The New York Historical Society, The Museum of the City of New York, and The New York Transit Museum. The landscape has been the artist’s most common motif since the late 1970s. His line etchings are derived from photographs taken during walks; and from this slow and deliberate process, he has learned to address the landscape as one would a person, becoming aware of its moods and disposition. Rather than documenting, these works are meant to discover the soul of things in a quest to see.