After studying Cinema and Art, Adam Pitt spent years working in large corporations as a manager hiding his identity as an Artist. The main subject matter for his woodcuts is the identities of the worker and boss in an office filled with anxiety and egotism. Other woodcuts focus on the female nude providing a sharp contrast to the business world. After making traditional woodcuts, Pitt along with his printer Kathy Caraccio further developed intaglio woodcut prints. The woodblock is covered in thick ink and wiped off with tarlatan like an etching. The carved lines and wood grain are predominant.

Nude Front Nightgown, 2021, intaglio woodcut, 27″ x 18″
Obscured by nature, 2022, intaglio woodcut, 22″ x 15″
My Report, 2020, intaglio woodcut, 12″ x 20″