Alex de Constant

North Hampton, NH



Alex is an artist /printmaker who lives and works on the coast of New Hampshire. His primary focus is on woodcuts. All blocks and subsequent prints are designed, cut and editioned by the artist.

His New Hampshire studio is located on the second floor of a restored 19th century carriage house within walking distance to the granite beaches, reefs and point breaks where he has lived and surfed for many decades. An intimate knowledge of this coastline is where his inspiration begins. The rugged natural beauty and energy hold endless opportunities for subject matter. Many of his pieces are direct observations of his experiences in and around the ocean. They record his time here in this historic yet ever changing region.

“I have always been drawn to the inherent graphic quality of the woodcut. My prints and drawings are based on regional locations and explore the interplay of solid forms and the constant ebb and flow of the seacoast. I prefer to synthesize numerous ideas and observations into each image. My goals are not to capture exactly what is presented but rather express it through design, a sense of place and personal reflection of this area where I live and enjoy.”

Big Ben, reduction woodcut, 19.75 “x 26”. Ed.of 20.
March Interlude, reduction woodcut. 16″x21″. Ed.of 18.
Out For Repair, Rye Harbor, reduction woodcut. 11″x 23.75″. Ed.of 18.